Hope these answer most of your queries!

1. Do you take custom orders?

Not at the moment! Since it's mostly a one person brand, it's difficult to juggle between stuff I want to make and custom orders. 

2. What clay do you use? 

I work with a medium called air dry clay. It's not toxic but it's also not water resistant. So I seal it with a coat of varnish at the top to make it water resistant. 

3. Do you take bulk orders? 

I might.. provided there's enough time. 

4. Can you make our logo? 

This isn't my forte so I do not take orders for these. Bulk or not. 

5. Do you make anything other than food?

I do. But it's mostly for myself. I like being *The Fake Chef!* And instead of doing everything.. I want to put my heart and soul into one form of art and try to get better at it! 

6. Do you need interns?

Not at the moment. I cannot scale up my business and I have no such plans. 

7. So why aren't you scaling up?

Just like art, sculpting too is very personal. Our hands are all different and hence, out creations too (the shape of your hand actually matters!) . I'll tell you from experience... Just like real food, where the taste varies from one cook to another, these vary too. What you create and what I create might look similar but they can never be the same :) ! 

8. Do you conduct workshops?

Used to! Not anymore. 

9. Can I come and see how you work? 

My workspace is my Sanctum Sanctorum and it is a very personal space. So, nope! 

10. Make videos!

Air dry clay isn't easy to work with and I don't always make them at one stretch. Different components are made at different times.. and the process is quite messy. Hence, not considering this at the moment. If I find a friend who doesn't mind wasting time making videos of the process in the future, I'll do it! 

11,12,13,14. Items are out of stock. How to buy? When are you going to list it again? Can I pre-order? Can I just pay? 

They're out of stock because they're out of stock ! 

Please note that I'm not buying any product and selling. Handmade products take time. A lot of time. I'll only be able to make small batches and I do list them as and when I have a few in stock (they're mostly half ready and I complete them after you place your orders through our shop)! 

I do not take your money or pre-orders unless the products are listed and I'm confident enough of finishing them at the mentioned time (7-10 days from the day of purchase). 

As a mostly one person business, it's not easy to run it at all and I'd rather choose to do it on my own terms which are comfortable than try and make everyone happy :) . I can take your money but knowing I might just forget it under my workload, I do not want to. 

This seems to work best for me and gives me a little more focus. So if products are all sold out, please wait until the next sale! 

After every sale, I have to finish making these orders, ship them, take a break, get some fresh air, meet humans, rest my hands and then finally drag myself back to work. It's a lengthy process 😁 !  So please do wait before you send the mail asking when I'll stock up! I do keep updating on Instagram as often as I can :) ! 

Hope these answer most of your queries! Thanks a bunch for reading and understanding 😁 ! 

Have a great day!!!